Propagating innovations
for more resilient dairy farming
in the Atlantic area

Funded by the Interreg Atlantic Area Program, the Dairy-4-Future project aims to increase the competitiveness, sustainability and resilience of dairy farms in the Atlantic area. Its objective is to identify, evaluate and then widely propagate innovative practices to european dairy technicians and breeders, through transnational seminares or farm open days and technical tools : publications, videos, training tools….

Analysing the dairy sector in Atlantic area

Fostering the economic resilience

Improving resources use efficiency

Determining sustainable dairy systems


pilot farms


experimental farms





Latest News

Dossier Terra – Dairy4Future

    The evolution of the dairy sector in the Atlantic Region is the main topic of Dossier Terra. The 9 pages…

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Dairy4Future @Azores TV

Azores TV, a local media from Azores, went to the public presentation of Dairy4Future to know more about this Atlantic Area…

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Dairy4Future @RTP Açores

The RTP (public service broadcasting organisation of Portugal) went to Ilha Terceira, Azores, to interview David Fangueiro…

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Press release (PT)

NOTA DE IMPRENSA  Dairy4Future propõe boas práticas para o setor leiteiro na Área Atlântica Encontrar o equilíbrio entre…

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“This is a win-win strategy for livestock farmers, the dairy industry, consumers and citizens”

What are the challenges for Dairy production in the Atlantic Area? André Le Gall: The European Atlantic Area is very…

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