Propagating innovations
for more resilient dairy farming
in the Atlantic area

Funded by the Interreg Atlantic Area Program, the Dairy-4-Future project aims to increase the competitiveness, sustainability and resilience of dairy farms in the Atlantic area. Its objective is to identify, evaluate and then widely propagate innovative practices to european dairy technicians and breeders, through transnational seminares or farm open days and technical tools : publications, videos, training tools….

Analysing the dairy sector in Atlantic area

Fostering the economic resilience

Improving resources use efficiency

Determining sustainable dairy systems


pilot farms


experimental farms





Latest News

Dairy4Future farmers discuss carbon and mastitis

“Dairy-4-Future pilot farmers recently met at the farm of Mark Blelock to discuss factors affecting the carbon footprint of…

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Dairy-4-Future farmers review breeding and heifer rearing policies

Dairy-4-Future pilot farmers recently had the opportunity to discuss breeding selection and heifer rearing policy on the…

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DairyLink Ireland – Grass-based, high-output system in Down

Click here to read the full article from the Irish Farmers Journal, available in PDF.

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Case Studies Synthesis

Approach of differentiation strategies on dairy farms in the Atlantic area In the action 4.3 of Dairy for Future Interreg…

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Cosmetics made with bio dairy milk from Galicia (Spain)

At the heart of Galicia in “A Ulloa” County a new cosmetic brand was established in 2016. Muuhulloa is a bodymilk made with…

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