Propagating innovations for more resilient dairy farming in the atlantic area

Funded by the Interreg Atlantic Area Program, the Dairy-4-Future project aims to increase the competitiveness, sustainability and resilience of dairy farms in the Atlantic area. Its objective is to identify, evaluate and then widely propagate innovative practices to european dairy technicians and breeders, through transnational seminars or farm open days and technical tools : publications, videos, training tools…

Dairy-4-Future focusses on four key issues: analysing strengths and weaknesses of the dairy sector in Atlantic Area, fostering dairy sector economic resilience, improving resource use efficiency, and determining sustainable dairy systems for the future.

The project puts innovative farmers at the centre of practice-based research work, and combine several methods (SWOT analysis, research activities, economic simulations…) to adapt and develop scientific knowledge, which will lead on technical solutions and recommendations to be shared across the network.

Dairy-4-Future project involves 5 countries (Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Portugal) and covers, from Scotland to Azores, 12 Atlantic regions that together represent 20% of EU-28 milk production and 100 000 farmers working in a wide diversity of milk production systems.

With 11 technical partners and 21 associated partners, Dairy-4-Future relies on a strengthened scientific and technical network, completed by 10 experimental farms and 100 pilot farms.