Ferme expérimentale de La Blanche Maison

Code/ID: La Blanche Maison

Organization: IDELE

Country: France
Sub-Region:France - Normandy

City: Saint-Lo

Stocking Rate (LSU/ha): 1,24

Milk Yield per Cow (L): 5,736

Animal Feeding Based on: Grazing + sillage

Concentrates (Kg / Cow / Year): 1,165

Innovations and Strenghs: Dairy production is now facing a challenge that is to reconcile food challenge, competitiveness and environment. For this, it must be economically viable, produce more and better. The experimental farm of La Blanche Maison built a dairy system to integrate this challenge and will answer to the question “How optimizing the economic efficiency and the resilience of a 88 norman cows in an agro-ecological system producing milk and meat?”

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