Ferme expérimentale de Lusignan

Code/ID: Lusignan

Organization: INRAE

Country: France
Sub-Region:France - Nouvelle Aquitaine

City: Poitiers

Stocking Rate (LSU/ha): 1,32

Milk Yield per Cow (L): 6,600

Animal Feeding Based on: Grazing + sillage

Concentrates (Kg / Cow / Year): 200

Innovations and Strenghs: The global objective is to implement a dairy system able to better overcome climatic hazards and have a great nutrient use efficiency. The dairy system is intended to be forage self-sufficient, with no use of irrigation and with a low use of mineral nitrogen fertilizers. The aim is also to allow grazed forage resources to meet 100% of the dairy herd feed requirements in spring (meteorological season), 50% in summer and autumn and 25% in winter.

Short Leaflet: