Mason House Farm

Code/ID: Mason House Farm

Organization: SRUC

Country: UK
Sub-Region:UK - South Western Scotland

City: Clitheroe

Stocking Rate (LSU/ha): 2,35

Milk Yield per Cow (L): 10,869

Animal Feeding Based on: In doors feeding

Concentrates (Kg / Cow / Year): 3,855

Innovations and Strenghs: Lely Robotic milking since 2008 currently upgrading with new A5’s. Monitor dairy farm 2011-14, lot’s of little gains. Willing to push boundaries. Open to new practices.

Main Farmers's objectives: Try to get more milk from forage and increase margin, hence make more money. Maintain high fertility. Simplify work routine and reduce labour demand. Invest capital to make jobs easier for unskilled labour. Look for opportunities to increase environment aspects of the farm at low cost. Reduce nitrogen use

Detail Farms Description: 120 hectare tenanted all grass on heavy boulder clay, rainfall 15-1600mm spread through year, Re-seeding 20-30 hectare’s annually. 220 holstein herd AYR calving, 60 replacement’s some jersey cross calving 23.7 months. Sexed semen or beef insemination, PCI 378 days.