Old Holly

Code/ID: Old Holly

Organization: SRUC

Country: UK
Sub-Region:UK - South Western Scotland

City: Preston

Stocking Rate (LSU/ha): 1,60

Milk Yield per Cow (L): 7,500

Animal Feeding Based on: Grazing

Concentrates (Kg / Cow / Year): 1,900

Innovations and Strenghs: Soil Management, Good infrastructure and some use of technology to aid management and animal welfare. Low labour use.

Main Farmers's objectives: Happy workplace and enjoyable lifestyle, with sustainable reinvestment to lower carbon output. Public engagement. Low labour easy management systems, working along-side nature. Succession planning.

Detail Farms Description: Organic autumn calving cross-bred herd. Rainfall 1100mm/yr. soil types- clay, sandy loam, peat. Close to urban population, so have an open farm that hosts 60 schools/year.